tomorrow~ is another day!

tomorrow is another day~ and tomorrow is a special day.
As a lonely one inside as most others,
I choose to hide deep cause I dread being suffered and suffering

And a puzzling question which wandering in my mind for most of the day
that is Couldn’t a good man have his own uneasy goings?
After a long time
I finally get to know the word that Chairman Mao had said
It’s easy to be a good person for one time
But it’s not easy for a peron to be good for a lifetime
Cause once you showed some dislike or don’t do as usual
Crowds who are used to your goodness may think you are no longer the same
That’s kitting!
Can’s a good person have his own things or reasons
that he choose to stop to do the things as usual for a period of time?

I feel ashamed that I don’t have enough courage to write my thinkings in Chinese
Because I am just a common one , not the one have a mission to save the world.
I just want to have my own life, which have happiness, also sadness for myself


these three sentences, dedicated for tomorrow.
a Tomorrow of Avril, to myself