A feedback of a post

Keep moving and never give up. Why don’t consider to change your own attitude while you complaining about the material limits?  We all have to experience hard times in our lives, the difference is just the time when then fall at us and the attitude how we deal with it. I think Zhejiang Univ. is a very good place to study and live, much better than Wuhan Univ. I think. At least, it’s much convenient to get top research material in eastern China than in the middle. About the questions that confusing you, I think I can share my views which may be a little help. I used to be confused in these questions for a long time. Frankly speaking, it was the hardest time I have ever experienced. I was tortured by them all the day in those days. How could I make trade-offs between the pursuit of knowledge and material essentials? People around seem to have their own lives and they are all doing preparation for a good job/career in the future, but I just stay in the place and get no progress. I have my dream, but it seems a little conflict with the real life. Should I stick to it or turn to the trace? Days went by and still I got no sure answers to them. Then one day I changed my idea. The process is very complicated so I just jump to the result: I finally find a nice balance point for that. It’s do as what you are interested in. One semester ago, I still had a intense interest in IR research, but now I think I prefer logic thinking exercise after my teacher taught us a whole term’s logic thinking class. Can I say that I am no longer interested in IR study? The answer may be yes, or no. I am a IR major student, so I am still keeping interested in reading books and papers about IR study; in the meanwhile, I am a mature person, I can focus on much more subjects like social issues, reforms in China now and policy review. What makes me like this? They are my interests. In other word, my real interest has changed into critical thinking, the exercise for logic and it falls on the subjects I exampled above. Study a specific subject is no longer important to me because it’s just a way to make the bread, but exercise one’s logic thinking will lead a person into a real rational and mature person. Once you master it, you will get the most powerful tool to overcome the difficulties you face. And that’s the reason why every of us choose to study in universities. And I think it can be the  answer to the questions your schoolmaster had asked you.

In conclusion, do more exercise on logic thinking about the things you interested in which can make you feel a little better. There is a traditional Chinese saying, what you think decides your attitude, your attitude changes your performace and your performance change your life/destiny. So, change the way your thinking first.

P.S: "no excellent instructor, no more specialized datum for major study and no strength and  prestige of our research center" seems more an excuse. You can get much information on the Internet, most of famous foreign universities and organizations have put their IR resources on the web. If you try, you can find them, I’m sure.

By Qian Xun on 2007-06-07 · Posted in 生活