昨天晚上折腾个人站点好久,为了调几个行距和大小硬生生被CSS难到了,因为我一无所知…… 惭愧


在请教了CR之后,他推荐了W3School,去看了一圈,真的是入门的好网站啊~ O(∩_∩)O,于是就开始欢快的学习了~


This is Title 1

Chris is one of cnBeta’s core member, he joined the team at 2007 when he spent his 3rdyear in Wuhan University

This is Title 2

Chris is a guy who is quite like Internte

This is Title called small an d light but not a little thing that is right nnow or

	we are going to hundle over this earthquake;
	which:"this is the best experience for our country and people"
means everything will be back to normal.

if {use=123} then we will have

Flying In the Wind

Bob Dylan said:how many ways to go before a boy can be called a man.

Tonight,I feel Close to You

Stephine sing in this song

Close my eyes and feel your mind

Time has passed

I walk like a shadow

Never knew What I am going through

You touch my heart and take my breath away

It’s Time is Stephine’s latest album released at March 8th. And she is going to make the sign&sell in Guangzhou at March 22th. I’m going to get one at that time.

How Much do you deserve?

this is the testing word to check the cite function
how could I say that I likelove you?
what’s the time now?